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    Madison, Wisc's
    Student Blockchain Organization.

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'Beyond the Naked Eye'

The emergence of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and subsequent distributed ledger technologies has not only generated a unique digital asset class, but fundamentally questioned the means of global communication. Knowing such, Badger Blockchain was established to educate and network the EXCEPTIONALLY-talented individuals of UW within the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. Because while the technology is young today, we are absolutely determined to mature it for tomorrow.

  • What we do...

    Taking the economic, political, legal, and computer science primitives beyond the classroom.

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      Provide a platform for articulated thought, discuss related topics, and debate future comings.

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      Offer resources, advice, and a network to public business-ventures and student-led projects.

    • school


      Analyze protocols, research whitepapers, and master crypto fundamentals.

    • people


      Foster a core community of like-minded and passionate individuals.

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Our Partners

From local Wisconsin startups, nationally-based dApp incubators, and global non-profit networks, Badger Blockchain is incredibly well-connected within the crypto ecosystem.

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An Ongoing Process...

In order to foster such an organization, we began with students who were seeking the opportunity to innovate, lead, and fundamentally thrive, both within school and the years thereafter. Reach out if you'd like us to speak at an event or to find out about upcoming events.